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Destination Marketing

Whether for a vacation, a getaway, a meal, a shopping value or an entertaining experience, the decision to go to one destination or another is preceded by a thought process.

Sometimes it is based on habit, as routine as which way to turn when leaving one’s driveway. Sometimes it is the result of extensive research.

It is always motivated by the expectation of a desirable, personal experience. Being placed in the consideration set for a customer’s decision is at the heart of “destination marketing.” All of the messages one is exposed to, consciously or subliminally, add up to whether your business will be the destination patronized or not. Paradise Creative Group has years of experience in building destination awareness and preference for its clients.

Marketing & Branding

Growing opportunities ride in on the wave of technological change.

Each day more people use tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, WiFi, super-sized screen displays and other modernadvances in communications technology. But tried-and-true selling techniques have not died. They must be adapted and modified to take advantage of the new ways of reaching an audience.

Paradise Creative Group commits itself to penetrating the wall of skepticism that most customers bring to commercial messages they encounter. This is done by understanding the benefits your current and future customers are looking for.

We study how they respond to promises and presentations, and learn about the credibility ceiling of your demographic We focus on engaging people in terms of what they want. Tapping into your consumers’ self-interests is the way to win them over.

Branding is more than a logo, advertising promise or fleeting image.

It is the sum of all of these factors, plus a corresponding experience that reinforces why customers should buy from you rather than another company with a similar products or services. At its most effective, it is what potential customers expect to “feel” when they do business with you. A strong brand instills loyalty. It is memorable. It attracts business like a magnet, to the exclusion of other choices. The value of a strong brand is so important that it often shows up as an asset on a company’s balance sheet.

At Paradise Creative Group, we build and sustain strong brands.

Web Development

Effective web design is an ongoing activity.

With the constant changes in search standards, staying abreast of the web world is critical. Sites need to be updated, adjusted and revised as Google and other search engines change the way they index web sites. But… search prominence is only the gateway to success. Your web site needs content that engages, persuades and brings back return visitors. That’s when internet marketing comes in.

Graphic & Print

Online or offline printed presentation, the excellence and taste of your graphic design works define you for your customers, clients and prospects.

Like a well-tailored suit or a designer dress, your visual presence is the first evidence people have of who and what you are.  Our graphic design staff has years of experience with dozens of organizations, local and international. We stay current with the latest trends and the newest technology to deliver graphic approaches that are right for your business.

They don’t just distinguish you from competitors; they also position you a notch above the others.

Even with the recent insurgence of digital media, huge numbers of people still get product and service information from newspapers, magazines, brochures, flyers, posters and even business cards.

It is important that all these media not only reflect the desired image for business, but also that they are  consistent across media and time.  Most people aren’t comfortable doing business with a company who appears to have a different personality each time they encounter them. That’s why having team partners who value consistency rather than novelty is important.

Your business is not an opportunity for us to “show off”.

Revenue Management

How your company budgets, spends and deploys its limited resources is fundamental.

It includes yield management on the front end and effective allocation in the back end of delivering the experience your customers look forward to.  Paradise Creative Group has served as front-end reservation yield managers and back-end counsel for resource deployment on behalf of numerous successful inns, hotels and rental organizations.  The essence is being there to respond quickly to requests from prospective guests. Room revenue is perishable.

Every room that remains empty for even one night, is lost revenue that could cover fixed expenses and provide customers for other profit centers.

Public Relations

Every business has a story to tell.

Public Relations is an effective tool for telling these stories. From event sponsorship to press releases to “native” advertising, public relations delivers trusted, positive information about your company. It establishes a favorable environment for your values, your products and services and your existing customers. This is the process by which people decide how they feel about giving you their business.

At Paradise Creative Group, we think of public relations as a form of “insurance”. When bad news threatens your business, having a strong foundation of positivity and brand affection makes it much easier to recover your good reputation.

Our Public Relations tactic at Paradise Creative Group is three-fold:

Traditional PR – Proven and Strong

Better known as Media Relations – We research, create and distribute compelling content with a well crafted message to the general media and specifically targeted contacts or in the media. This free or earned media coverage is generally sent across all platforms, digital, radio, television and print.

Advocacy PR – Third Party Validation

Through creating a message that is easily digested, able to be repeated, and worth repeating we can utilize avenues such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google reviews.  By being present, soliciting reviews, and showing a genuine response through monitoring these channels we can build your brand in a grassroots fashion.

Social Media – The reinforcement and control of the message

Social Media is a powerful tool in the Paradise Creative Group arsenal.  While Social Media Platforms such as FaceBook, Google+ and Twitter may not be a large enough of a podium to base an entire PR campaign, it is the reinforcement to the message/brand and ability to respond in crisis scenarios that this platform shows its value.  By drawing in viewers to “like” your brand and Social Media via traditional and online methods, you now have a direct line to those who are interested in your brand and could over time become an army of ambassadors.  Other vehicles we use to promote socially would include Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Foursquare and Youtube.